I agree to play the 2022 season with the Pittsburgh Saints. With this agreement I understand and agree with all statements below.

  • I understand that this is not a professional sport and no player is paid.

  • I understand I must pay a fee when signed if required by the team. Once signed I can ask for a release in writing to my team owner and return any team owned property.

  • I understand this is a contact sport and injuries are possible.

  • I understand I am WAIVING MY RIGHTS TO SUE the team, any member of the league, volunteers, the league Tri-Point or Board or any of its members, or any school/facility used by the team or the Tri-Point for ANY REASON.

  • I understand that I am solely responsible for any injuries that I may incur or personal property missing.

  • I understand that I am expected to and agree to all league rules, bylaws and decisions. The League will not support any other contract signed by player.

  • I understand and agree this is a legally binding contract and I agree to all the terms.

No refunds on money given